Two deaths and more than 22,000 impacted by Solomons floods

4:40 pm on 4 January 2019

Two people have died and over 22,000 people have either lost their homes or food gardens in Solomon Islands due to extreme weather over the last two weeks.

Heavy rain and strong winds have hit the country, causing several rivers to burst their banks and sweep through villages.

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Photo: Rifilia Alex

The National Disaster Management Office said one man died after attempting to swim across a river to get home.

Police confirmed another death after a boat with eight people on board capsized in the Marovo Lagoon in Seghe.

Four people on the boat survived and the search for the remaining three missing people is ongoing.

The NDMO director, Loti Yates, said while more than 22,000 people have been adversely affected, communication with rural areas is restricted so the impact on the total population remains unknown.

"We are expecting this figure to increase because we haven't got anything from Temotu yet," he said.

"The information we have so far is based on calls coming in. Now people are able to go around and assess communities nearby etc."

The Met Service issued another heavy rain warning advising people to stay indoors as there could be more flash flooding and possible landslides.