31 Dec 2018

Hundreds protest in PNG's Chimbu over court ruling

7:05 pm on 31 December 2018

Hundreds of people in the Papua New Guinea province of Chimbu have been protesting against a court's ruling on a recount in a provincial by-election.

The National Court earlier this month ordered counting for the governor's seat to be conducted outside the province, citing security fears.

But protesters say that would make the count susceptible to rigging.

Our correspondent in Chimbu, Melvin Levongo, said protesters have staged sit-ins across the province, and set up roadblocks to stop ballot boxes from being transported.

The people have been piling up big trees and blocking off the road where clerks carry the ballot boxes, so they have been trying to prevent them from moving so additional police units have been called in.

Melvin Levongo said protests have quietened somewhat, but the atmosphere is still tense.