28 Dec 2018

People need to enrol by Monday for New Caledonia elections

5:12 pm on 28 December 2018

People wanting to vote in provincial elections in New Caledonia need to be enrolled by Monday.

The roll for the election on May 12th is restricted to those who have been living in the territory since at least 1998.

The provision was adopted because of migration that has rendered the indigenous Kanaks a minority.

Both the French authorities and local political parties have reminded those eligible to ensure they're enrolled.

After the May election, members of the three provincial assemblies will form a new Congress which will serve a five-year term.

The next Congress can call a fresh independence referendum if a third of its members decide to.

About 40-thousand people - most of whom are from France - don't meet the residency requirements so can't vote.

Anti-independence parties have been pressuring Paris to try and ease restrictions.

Two associations, which have been formed to pursue changes to the enrollment terms, say they will take their concerns to the EU and UN."