26 Dec 2018

CNMI's Tinian still without power, as govt appeals for funding

2:30 pm on 26 December 2018

Most of the island of Tinian in the Northern Marianas is still without power, as repairs from the devastating Typhoon Yutu continue.

The latest figures from the office of the US Congressman for the Northern Marianas come as the country appeals for more funding for its soaring repair bill.

More than two months after Super Typhoon Yutu first struck the Northern Marianas, power is out in 80 per cent of Tinian.

On nearby Saipan, where around 150 people remain in a transitional shelter, 63 per cent of power has been restored.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has approved $US20 million in public assistance grants for Yutu recovery.

Congressman Gregorio Kilili Camacho Sablan said the money would go towards temporary classrooms and power restoration.

Mr Sablan said there was at least $US100 million worth of disaster relief in legislation before the Senate, which had yet to be voted on.

The Northern Marianas utilities provider said its repair bill had reached $US6 million in the wake of the devastating Typhoon Yutu.

Damage caused by Yutu

Damage caused by Yutu Photo: Mark Rabago