12 Dec 2018

Bird strike prevention conducted at Pago Pago airport

12:58 pm on 12 December 2018

Vegetation has been cleared around American Samoa's main airport to prevent bird strikes.

The territory's governor Lolo Moliga gave instructions for government agencies to clean up the vegetation in and around Pago Pago airport and to prevent birds from congregating in the vicinity.

The manager of Pago Pago International Airport, Tavita Fuimaono, said a recent Hawaiian Air flight encountered a bird strike, although this did not happen in the airport area.

The airport is waiting for a report from the pilot about what happened, but the governor gave instructions before he departed the territory for government agencies to make the clean up of the airport a priority.

The Pacific plover or tuli migrates to the warmer waters of the Pacific at this time of year and are often seen in the vicinity of the airport.