11 Dec 2018

Bougainville dismisses threat to shut down the govt

6:32 am on 11 December 2018

The autonomous government of Bougainville is facing a demand it immediately launch inquiries into the president and the chief secretary, or the government will be shut down.

Flag of autonomous region of Bougainville, Papua New Guinea

Photo: manganganath/123RF

The petitioners issued a statement last week demanding good governance or they would take action.

Members of the government, including President John Momis are accused of double dipping, and the petitioners claim a company linked to the government has acquired medical supplies fraudulently and funding intended for a major bridge, which remains unbuilt.

The petitioners also say Chief Secretary Joseph Nobetau, should immediately be stood down while there is an investigation into his role in the Djoko Tjandra affair.

Mr Tjandra, a wealthy Indonesia fugitive, was granted permanent residence in PNG in 2012 when Mr Nobetau was PNG's Deputy Chief Migration officer.

But he said he was never involved in the case - it was handled by the then Chief Migration Office, Mataio Rabura.

Mr Nobetau said he won't be standing down and the petitioners need to be aware of the damage they could do to Bougainville if they force the shut down.

He said no government can be held hostage to unlawful demands.

There has been no word yet from Mr Momis.

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