10 Dec 2018

Kiribati tourists to be surveyed

10:34 am on 10 December 2018

Travellers leaving Kiribati will soon be surveyed to help the government develop the tourism sector in the hope of attracting more tourists.

The Kiribati capital and most populated area, South Tarawa, consists of several islets, connected by a series of causeways.

Photo: Supplied

The South Pacific Tourism Organisation says about 5000 people visited Kiribati in 2017.

The organisation's chief executive, Christopher Cocker, said air travellers departing from both Tarawa and Christmas Island airports will be asked to fill out a questionnaire.

"Feedback on negative or positive feedback that they've found in visiting the island. We're also looking at the duration of their stay on the island. How much that they are spending when they are coming to Kiribati. What other improvements are needed in terms of the Kiribati product.

"The other information is where are they staying. What sites or attractions have they visited and also how did they get to the island."

Christopher Cocker said Kiribati could attract niche travellers seeking fly fishing, unique flora and fauna or just a different place to visit.