7 Dec 2018

Fiji's founding head of FemLINKpacific resigns

7:19 am on 7 December 2018

A founding head of the Fiji community organisation FemLINKpacific has resigned and says she's proud of the NGO which was created to give women a voice 18 years ago.

Sharon Bhagwan-Rolls

Sharon Bhagwan-Rolls Photo: RNZI Sally Round

Sharon Bhagwan-Rolls helped to establish the women's advocacy network after the Blue Ribbon Peace Vigil which came about in response to Fiji's 2000 military coup.

The organisation grew into a community media network that included women producers, broadcasters, rural convenors and correspondents.

FemLINKpacific had seen a lot of changes over the past nearly two decades.

Ms Bhagwan-Rolls said while it was encouraging to see more women in parliament after the recent election, she hoped young women would also mobilise and organise within their communities to build disaster resilience and peaceful societies.

"It's been great to see the increase in the number of candidates and in particular more political parties bringing women into that political process. I still think that in the next four years it's not just about having women in parliament, there is a need to also support local government, revive local government and increase women's representation.

Ms Bhagwan-Rolls will continue her volunteer work with global peace and women's organisations.

FemLINKpacific said it wished Ms Bhagwan-Rolls well and was thankful for her contribution.