3 Dec 2018

Koro Vaka'uta appointed as RNZ Pacific's News Editor

3:47 pm on 3 December 2018

Koro Vaka'uta has been appointed RNZ Pacific's News Editor.

RNZ Pacific News Editor, Koro Vaka'uta.

RNZ Pacific News Editor, Koro Vaka'uta. Photo: RNZ Pacific/Koroi Hawkins

Koro is already a valued member of the RNZ Pacific whanau and has been a senior journalist/duty editor.

He's RNZ Pacific's fourth news editor, since the station started as RNZ International in 1990, and is the first Pacific person to be appointed in the role.

Koro's appointment adds strength to the importance placed on Pacific stories - both domestically and regionally - and is a good reflection of positive development within RNZ.

Koro's father is Tongan from Kolomotu'a and his mother is from Te Rarawa - both his parents are fluent in their languages.

"I have had benefit of growing up in a multi-cultural household which has proven advantageous in helping me empathise and deal with people from all backgrounds," Koro said.

"I look forward to this opportunity to contribute to RNZ Pacific's future development and working collaboratively with the others within the RNZ organisation and the Pacific media community."

RNZ Pacific's team leader Moera Tuilaepa-Taylor said she was looking forward to working with Koro in his new role.

"I will support him as we look to grow and link Pacific audiences in New Zealand and the region, and inform New Zealanders about Pacific issues."