21 Nov 2018

CNMI schools preparing to reopen as Yutu recovery continues

10:01 am on 21 November 2018

Schools in the Northern Marianas are preparing to reopen as the slow recovery from Typhoon Yutu continues.

$US1,000,000 for CNMI typhoon victims

$US1,000,000 for CNMI typhoon victims Photo: RNZI/Mark Rabago

Power and water are still out on Tinian and in south Saipan which bore the brunt of the October storm.

Hundreds of people are still without homes and are being sheltered in evacuation centres or temporary housing.

Public schools will begin opening next week on Tinian and the following week across the CNMI.

As well as local and federal emergency assistance, international NGOs, faith based groups and the private sector have been coming to the aid of affected communities.

The NGO Samaritan's Purse is bringing in 300 generators for families on Tinian and multi-national corporation Tan Holdings has made the largest private sector donation so far of $US1 million towards the recovery.

The US$1 million commitment will be divvied up among the American Red Cross-NMI Chapter, Commonwealth Advocates for Recovery Efforts, and CNMI Mass Care.

Red Cross will get $200,000, CARE $300,000, and CNMI Mass Care $200,000.

The beneficiary of the remaining $300,000 has yet to be decided, according to Tan.