20 Nov 2018

New Caledonia's Frogier under investigation - report

1:44 pm on 20 November 2018

A former New Caledonian president and now French Senator Pierre Frogier is reportedly under investigation for alleged abuse of public funds.

President of Rassemblement/Republicans, Pierre Frogier

President of Rassemblement/Republicans, Pierre Frogier Photo: Website Rassemblement

This has been revealed by the public broadcaster La Premiere, which reported the probe was launched early this year.

Mr Frogier is alleged to have procured advanced software worth almost half a million US dollars when he was in charge of the government of the southern province at the beginning of this decade.

However, it is alleged the programme was never used by the administration which prompted questions about its acquisition.

Reports say the software sold by the company Spallian may have been used by his Rassemblement The Republicans Party to mine data for its own purposes.

They also say there was no public tender.