7 Nov 2018

Claims of intimidation of CNMI voters

5:01 pm on 7 November 2018

The Northern Marianas delegate to US Congress said he's received reports voters - especially government employees - are being intimidated or coerced into voting against their wishes.

US Congress Delegate Gregorio Kilili Sablan has introduced a bipartisan bill to ban the shark fin trade across the United States.

Gregorio Kilili Sablan Photo: USDA/Lance Cheung.

The CNMI's 2018 general elections will be on 13 November after being postponed due to Super Typhoon Yutu.

Early voting, however, began on Tuesday.

Delegate Gregorio Kilili Sablan has assured voters they can count on the full protection of federal law.

He has said any voter who believes they are being threatened should contact him or the police.

He said some voters are being told to use their cell phones to take a picture of their ballot, so that they can prove they voted "correctly."

Mr Sablan said voters who do not take a photo of their ballot or who did not vote for the candidates they were told to vote for are then at risk of losing their jobs.