PNG man speared in the face in Solomon Islands

11:54 am on 3 November 2018

A Papua New Guinean man has been admitted to hospital in Solomon Islands after being speared in the face by would-be thieves.

The incident took place in the early hours of Tuesday morning at the City Mission Rural Training Centre east of the capital, Honiara.

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Photo: RNZI / Koroi Hawkins

According to police the man was awakened by a group of youths who cut through the compound's fence and entered the residential area.

The victim confronted the intruders and while chasing one of them was ambushed by another who had remained hidden beside a building.

The spear went through the man's jaw and exited the right side of his neck.

Police say he has been treated for his injuries and remains in a stable condition .

They are warning the public to be vigilant as the festive season approaches as break-ins and home invasions tend to increase over this period.