1 Nov 2018

Vanuatu prison chief wants clamp on false social media claims

4:19 pm on 1 November 2018

In Vanuatu the Director of the Correctional Service, Johnny Marango, has called on the government to take a tougher stand with people who post false information on social media.

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Photo: AFP

Mr Marango's comments come after a Facebook post claimed six high risk detainees, including the suspect in the killing of a 15-year old school girl, had escaped and were still at large.

In the Daily Post Mr Marango denied the report saying there had been no such escape.

It followed a similar claim several months ago and he said spreading false information creates uncalled for fear in the community.

Mr Marango has called on the government to put in place tough remedies to deal with anyone who spreads false information in the public domain.