29 Oct 2018

Winston Peters lays out aims of Pacific Reset

1:02 pm on 29 October 2018

The future of New Zealand's relationship with the Pacific is the focus of a meeting of government, business and community leaders from New Zealand and the Pacific in Wellington today.

Meeting about Pacific Reset in Wellington

Photo: RNZ Pacific/ Koroi Hawkins

Speaking at the opening of the meeting New Zealand's deputy prime minister Winston Peters said the "Pacific Reset" was about developing a genuine

partnership with Pacific countries.

Mr Peters said it was about treating Pacific countries as equals despite their size just as New Zealand wants bigger countries to treat it.

He said a $US45.6 million boost in funding for NGOs working in development in the region is also in recognition of the urgency needed to address the Pacific's needs.

"The drivers for our actions in the Pacific are clear, including immense challenges such as climate change, non-communicable diseases and barriers to trade, and rising unemployed youth populations with limited opportunities."

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