All clear given in CNMI as Yutu recovery effort continues

9:18 pm on 26 October 2018

The all clear has now been given in the Northern Marianas after Super Typhoon Yutu, meaning all severe weather warnings are now lifted.

Authorities have confirmed the death of one person, a 44 year old woman, who died when the building she was taking shelter in collapsed on top of her during the typhoon.

More than 800 people are being cared for in shelters across Saipan and Tinian with more expected in the coming days.

Typhoon Yutu damage

Photo: Twitter/ @_ryreyes

Our correspondent on Saipan Mark Rabago said the electricity was still out and water and food supplies were also dwindling but shelter is the main priority at the moment.

"Just a roof over their heads to sleep at night. Probably we need those tents again from FEMA that we have because there is just a lot of people who lost their homes," Mr Rabago said.

"Just talking people like they would go and seek shelter at the hotel or evacuation centre. When they go back, no more, everything is scattered everything is scattered everything is wet. They can just salvage what they can but basically the house is trashed."

Mark Rabago said the widespread destruction caused by Yutu is even more heartbreaking because it destroyed everything people had just rebuilt after Typhoon Soudelor in 2015.

Recovery efforts in the commonwealth are well underway but they are still being hampered by the amount of debris on roads.

Airports have also been severely damaged by the Typhoon with authorities rushing to clear runways so much needed relief supplies and personnel can be flown in.

Sea ports have also been closed until they can be made safe for use.