3 Oct 2018

Niue mulls Chinese shipping tax scheme under Belt and Road

8:17 am on 3 October 2018

Niue is looking at joining China's preferential tax regime for foreign-registered vessels after signing up to China's Belt and Road initiative.

Toke Talagi

Sir Toke Talagi Photo: RNZ/ Indira Stewart

In July Niue's premier Sir Toke Talagi signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Chinese ambassador to Niue kickstarting cooperation under China's global development plan.

Sir Toke said he was not in any rush for projects under the strategy but he said Niue - with its Shipping Registry based in Singapore - could benefit from the tax exemption scheme.

He said China had only extended it to a few countries so far.

"I'm not necessarily looking for assistance by way of money. I'm looking for this in terms of our ability to generate our own incomes using the facilities they have at the present moment for that, so I'm happy with that."

Sir Toke said the sealing of Niue's roads being done by the Chinese is expected to go ahead next year.