3 Oct 2018

Hurricane Walaka heading towards Johnston Atoll

8:35 am on 3 October 2018

Hurricane Walaka remains a Category 4 storm to the southwest of Hawaii, as it heads towards Johnston Atoll.

Hurricane Walaka

Photo: NOAA

The Central Pacific Hurricane Center said Walaka was packing maximum sustained winds of 249 km/h.

Hawaii News Now reported forecasters as saying the hurricane is moving north and will likely maintain intensity as it passes Johnston Atoll later today.

A hurricane warning remains in effect for that region.

Earlier, four scientists on Johnston Atoll were evacuated after Hurricane Walaka was upgraded to a Category 5 storm.

The scientists were originally anticipated to ride out the major hurricane in hurricane-proof shelters, but when the storm was upgraded to a Category 5 Monday afternoon, US Fish & Wildlife Service officials decided to evacuate the team.