26 Sep 2018

SPC exploring potential for use of biogas in Pacific

1:07 pm on 26 September 2018

The regional technical organisation the Pacific Community or SPC says biogas generation would fit the needs of the Pacific.

Plastic tanks used for the fermentation of biogas.

Plastic tanks used for the fermentation of biogas. Photo: 123RF

The SPC is hoping to kick off a pilot programme using biogas generation in Tonga in 2019.

The organisation led a delegation, including Tonga's Energy Minister, to Germany this month to explore the use of plant and animal waste to generate electricity, gas and heat.

The SPC's Akuila Tawake said biogas generation would be highly beneficial for Pacific people.

"Biogas generation is not only generating power. Also they harvest the heat coming off the generator as well as the generation of harvesting methane gas for cooking purposes."

He also said biogas generation would suit Pacific climates.

"Because of the weather in Europe, they only harvest the corn once a year and then they harvest the corn for their substrate supply that feeds the biogas divester for one whole year.

"In the Pacific, because we are living in the tropics, you have the supply of grass and all the softer plant material, all year round."

Akuila Tawake said a technical group from Germany will visit Tonga early next year to conduct a feasibility study there.

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