25 Sep 2018

American Samoa considers fee increases for land, leases and titles

2:43 pm on 25 September 2018

Huge increases are being proposed for the registration of land, leases and matai titles in American Samoa.

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They are among a raft of proposed fee increases that Attorney-General Talauega Eleasalo Ale has earmarked for the Office of the Territorial Registrar.

The biggest change under the new proposal is for objections to land and matai title registrations which will rise from $US5 to $US500.

Registration of land goes from $US12 to $US100.

Deed registration increases $US95 to $US100.

A cost of $US100 will be attached to the registration of land, house and mortgage leases, separation agreements and bank loans.

There will also be fee increases for things like document certification, registering a trademark and recording mortgages, loans or bank notes.

It is unclear at this stage if and when the changes will be implemented.