11 Sep 2018

Met Service call for water conservation in Fiji

7:10 am on 11 September 2018

Fiji's Meterological Service says people need to conserve water in the west of Fiji after a drier than normal three month period.

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The director, Ravind Kumar, said the Met Service was working with the Fiji Water Authority and the National Disaster Management Office to monitor the situation and water had recently been shipped to the Western Division.

He said the dry season in Fiji started in May and ends in October and it had been significantly dry in July and August, particularly in the west.

"So over the three month period the majority of the stations or the sites in the Western Division have received below 40 per cent of normal rainfall."

Mr Kumar said more rain was likely over the coming three months but the country would need quite a bit for the current conditions to be overcome.

He said overall the current situation was not too bad but people needed to use water wisely.

Mr Kumar said says water would probably continue to be transported to extremely dry areas until things improved.