6 Sep 2018

Pacific leaders call on US to return to Paris deal

4:15 pm on 6 September 2018

Pacific Island leaders are calling on the United States to return to the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

A communique signed at the end of the Forum in Nauru highlighted climate change as the single greatest threat to Pacific people.

Last year the US president Donald Trump announced the US would withdraw from the global pledge but he's left the door open for renegotiation.

The Pacific leaders called on large emitter countries to fully implement their national mitigation targets through the development of renewable energy sources, in line with previously committed timeframes.

The Prime Minister of Tuvalu, Enele Sopoanga said the Pacific leaders will not tone down their message to the US on climate change.

"We cannot have comprehensive robust emmission reductions unless the biggest emmitter of greenhouse gas is there in the process. We cannot leave the US out. They contribute 25% of global greenhouse gas emmissions," he said.

A regional security declaration called the Boe Declaration after the Nauru district where it was signed, is a key part of the communique.

It widens the security umbrella to include climate change, human rights, food and resources, as well as transnational crime and cybersecurity.

Australia has said it will set up a new Pacific Fusion Centre to strengthen specific security threats such as illegal fishing and drug trafficking.

Pacific Islands Forum leaders gather for a group photo ahead of their retreat.

Pacific Islands Forum leaders gather for a group photo ahead of their retreat. Photo: Nauru Government