Debate over Solomons' nurses going to Vanuatu

4:47 pm on 4 September 2018

Solomon Islands is debating whether to let some of its nurses go to Vanuatu to work.

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Photo: Andrey Popov 123RF

The health minister, Tautai Kaitu'u, told parliament that 71 Solomons' nurses were interested in working in Vanuatu after a request earlier this year from the chair of the Vanuatu Public Service Association.

He said health officials would meet later this week to discuss the matter.

But the Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation reports the opposition leader, Manasseh Maelanga, saying health officials must first consider the shortage of nurses in hospitals and clinics in the Solomons.

He said no one was stopping anyone from going to work elsewhere but officials needed to think of the people of Solomon Islands first.