4 Sep 2018

Vanuatu welcomes Polish move to re-legalise kava

4:31 pm on 4 September 2018

Vanuatu's foreign minister Ralph Regenvanu has welcomed an announcement that Poland has re-legalised kava.

The Vanuatu Daily Post reports it's no longer a crime to posess or consume kava in Poland although it's still illegal to sell it.

The traditional Pacific drink had previously been banned in some European countries over health fears.

Vanuatu Kava Root Powder

Vanuatu Kava Root Powder Photo: kalmwithkava.com

Mr Regenvanu said the law change came in time for the upcoming climate talks in Poland and his delegation would have to take kava with them.

Dawid Hyman of the Polish organisation that fights for the recognition of kava said delegates arriving for the COP24 meeting should not hesitate to bring kava with them as they won't be breaking Polish law.