3 Sep 2018

Pacific Business Trust looks to Hatch innovation

3:37 pm on 3 September 2018

The Pacific Business Trust is now looking to grow Hatch, a three year initiative, that focuses on Pacific youth with innovative businesses.

The programme is for people aged 16-26 years who are in the start up phase of their business already and the first ever cohort is about to complete its first year.

Kim Tuaine, CEO of Pacific Business Trust.

Kim Tuaine, CEO of Pacific Business Trust. Photo: Supplied.

The Trust began by supporting six businesses but is now looking to grow the next cohort with more businesses due to its success.

Trust chief executive, Kim Tuaine said there was no question about whether Hatch had enough money as it is fully funded by the Trust, that had been going through a restructuring process.

"The Trust has support in partnership with Massey University, who is our educational pathway partner, and we received funding from Foundation North," she said.

"But it is definitely a sustainable programme and one that the Trust is committed to be continuing to invest in but we are actually being selective about partners or investor partners that we are looking at. "

Kim Tuaine said the businesses in the programme were diverse, ranging from a digital content and tech-based platform business to business that involved jewellery inspired by Samoan narratives.

She said there was also a business that looked to better connect human needs with human behaviour in a way that could attract corporates to be socially responsible and accountable.