Fears Marshalls social media ban will be disruptive

3:19 pm on 31 August 2018

The Marshall Islands Public Service Commission has banned the use of social media by government workers during office hours.


Facebook Photo: 123RF

But our correspondent, Giff Johnson, said some believe this will disrupt routine government operations that now rely largely on social media access.

The ban is actually an effort to enforce a 2012 directive by the Commission that was largely ignored.

The government directive does allow for exemptions to the ban in some departments if is for official office-related tasks and authorised in writing by the department head.

Mr Johnson said some of the Marshalls' political leaders, including President Hilda Heine, use Twitter to announce various developments on key issues or to offer opinions on world affairs.

Numerous government offices now rely on Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and other social media for routine, day-to-day business.