27 Aug 2018

NZ drug-funding agency seeks to cut barriers for Pasifika

4:32 pm on 27 August 2018

The New Zealand government's drug-funding agency says it seeks better understanding on why Pacific people face barriers in accessing medicines.

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PHARMAC has supported the establishment of New Zealand's first Pacific Pharmacists' Association which launched on Friday.

PHARMAC's Chief Executive Sarah Fitt said the Association would play a central role in supporting PHARMAC's Pacific Responsiveness Strategy.

The strategy aims to elevate the health of Pacific peoples, and improve their access to, and use of medicines.

Ms Fitt said part of the strategy was researching why people don't generally access medicines they need.

"And we're actually starting quite a significant piece of work, trying to unpick that and understand it. it's not always the most obvious reason. You can make assumptions but actually what we want to do is start getting out into the community, talking to people, finding out what those barriers are."