21 Aug 2018

Arrest warrant issued for Fiji woman over NZ trafficking case

2:25 pm on 21 August 2018

A court in Fiji has issued an arrest warrant for a woman wanted in connection with trafficking workers from Fiji to New Zealand.

Geeta Anjana Chandar is in Australia and has been charged in absentia with offences similar to her sister Seeta Sanjana Ram, who was remanded in custody in Fiji yesterday.

The women are charged with trafficking, obtaining property by deception and money laundering.

FBC News reported the women had been operating a travel agency in Suva and were alleged to have placed an advertisement in local media about employment opportunities in New Zealand.

They are said to have then assisted 17 Fijian citizens to travel to New Zealand where they were exploited in 2014.

The case has been adjourned until September 3.