20 Aug 2018

American Samoan firefighters making impact in California

5:28 pm on 20 August 2018

Seventeen firefighters from the National Park of American Samoa may prolong their time in California due to the severe nature of the fires in the state.

The park's superintendent, Scott Burch, said the firefighters were due to return on September 3 but because the current season was so bad there was a possibility that the group might stay longer.

The unit is working in Redding, California, with the state experiencing its largest fires on record.

The firefighters from the territory were doing well, Mr Burch said.

The group had attracted the attention of local media not just with their work in the field, he said.

"They got together with a tribal group. They sang them some Samoan songs, they did some Native American dances and on social media they have just exploded as they usually do when they go out on fires. They are all over on videos, recordings."


  • American Samoan firefighters off to California