17 Aug 2018

Temotu landowners turn on logging company

7:08 pm on 17 August 2018

Frustrated landowners in Solomon Islands' Temotu province have destroyed a local bridge used by an Asian logging company.

The Solomon Star reports that landowners on Santa Cruz are disgruntled that the company, Xingling, is logging on the island without their consent.

This week they destroyed a temporary bridge which the loggers built, six kilometres inland.

A village spokesman, Glen Nhavie said landowners of Nea village claimed the loggers trespassed on their land and destroyed tabu sites.

There was also anger that loggers cut down highly-priced mahogany trees without paying an adequate return to landowners.

The landowners are seeking compensation from the company for damages sustained to land, water and trees.

Mr Nhavie said the landowners also wanted the provincial government to investigate the loggers' actions.

In the past two years, there has been a spate of protests by various Temotu communities over the activities of foreign loggers and miners in their remote province.

In May, police warned anti-mining groups in Temotu not to set up road blocks or throw objects at vehicles on public roads.