13 Aug 2018

Samoan author says online abuse complaints not taken seriously

12:41 pm on 13 August 2018

A Samoan author says New Zealand police have refused to take seriously her claims of online abuse.

Lani Wendt Young

Lani Wendt Young Photo: FB Lani Wendt Young

In a series of Tweets, Lani Wendt Young said she approached police with more than 800 screenshots of Facebook abuse including threats of rape and murder.

The former Auckland resident said officers at a police station suggested she change her name on Facebook, saying they could not do anything else for her.

A police spokesperson said they take online offending seriously and that people should contact the police immediately if they or someone they know are a victim.

"There are always challenges in investigating online offending and the introduction of more technology and mobile applications means this is continually changing," the spokesperson said.

Ms Young said she was referred to the police by Netsafe.