9 Aug 2018

China hoping for direct flights to Samoa

1:30 pm on 9 August 2018

China is hoping for direct charter flights between China and Samoa.

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Photo: lenor/123RF

China's ambassador to Samoa Wang Xuefeng said the lack of direct flights is a major obstacle in getting Chinese tourists to the country.

Mr Wang told people attending a China tourism workshop in Samoa there's a legal guarantee of direct flights under an agreement signed between the two countries.

"While time is not yet mature to have the direct flights immediately, we may try to start with chartered flights," he said.

The ambassador said Chinese business people have been travelling to Samoa since last year to explore the possibility of charter flights although none had come to fruition just yet.

"In the future, China will continue to join hands with Samoa in furthering the tourism development in Samoa and to bring more Chinese tourists to Samoa," Mr Wang said.

Mr Wang said more than 130 million Chinese travelled abroad last year and nearly a third of them chose island destinations.

He said Samoa's environment, culture, stability and friendly people are sure to make it a popular choice for tourists from China.

"Nowadays, Chinese travelers pay close attention to air quality and natural environment when picking destinations. Islands with fresh air and bright sunshine are becoming increasingly popular," he said..

"Samoa, with the most fresh air, the bright sunshine, the most beautiful beach, friendly people, rich culture and history, safe environment, stable political condition, will sure emerge as one of the most popular destinations for island holidays."