27 Jul 2018

Nearly 19 years of austerity measures in CNMI ends

1:27 pm on 27 July 2018

The Northern Marianas government has announced the end of nearly 19 years of austerity measures.

Government employees will now have the ability to get salary increases once again after the Governor Ralph Torres announced the end of financial constraints that have been in effect since 1999.

Mr Torres said over the last several years, the CNMI made great strides in stabilising government revenues to improve public services and increase public efficacy.

He said the CNMI now had the ability to fund increases for hard working and qualified civil servants.

Sid Seman from the Office of Personnel Management said for almost 19 years, government employees were also not able to have upward mobility in their workplaces.

In 1999 the government suspended all increases in salaries due to promotions or reclassification of positions.

The governor of the Northern Marianas, Ralph Torres.

The governor of the Northern Marianas, Ralph Torres. Photo: CNMI Republican Facebook