12 Jul 2018

PNG provincial governors discuss greater autonomy

3:39 pm on 12 July 2018

Papua New Guinea's provincial governors are again discussing hopes for greater autonomy for various provinces.

The annual meeting of PNG's twenty provincial governors is underway in Madang.

PNG's Provincial and Local Level Government Minister said three provinces - New lreland, Enga and East New Britain - are ready for greater autonomy,

Kevin Isifu told the conference that Prime Minister Peter O'Neill will sign service delivery partnership agreements with these three provinces to receive greater autonomy.

Administrations in these provinces and a number of others are seeking more control over the benefits from resource extraction in their provinces.

On this front, the West Sepik Governor Tony Wouwou today presented a paper on PNG's tax policy relating to the forestry sector, which is the main industry in his province.

The PNG government has been accused of taxing companies in the sector at too low a rate compared to other countries, denying the provinces an adequate return.

Man hawking national and provincial flags in Papua New Guinea.

Local man selling provincial flags Photo: Melvin Levongo