12 Jul 2018

French public servants in Pacific assured salaries won't be touched

9:58 am on 12 July 2018

French public servants working in the Pacific have been assured that their indexed salaries won't be touched.

Annick Girardin

Annick Girardin Photo: AFP

The issue was raised in the French National Assembly by a member from French Guiana seeking clarification of the Macron administration.

The Overseas Minister Annick Girardin however affirmed that the current government won't curb the salaries of the 160,000 government employees working overseas.

The indexed system allows for French public servants to earn up to double the salary of mainland France to help compensate for the higher cost of living.

Figures show that the top-up in some territories is bigger than the higher cost of living, fuelling calls for public expenses to be adjusted accordingly.

The indexed salaries are also seen as a factor in keeping prices in France's overseas territories high.

The French government has repeatedly confirmed that it won't alter the system.

In the lead-up to the last presidential election, Nicolas Sarkozy caused alarm with a campaign call to cut public service costs.