11 Jul 2018

PNG leader expansive on Pacific trade during Fiji visit

4:44 pm on 11 July 2018

Papua New Guinea's Prime Minister, Peter O Neill, is optimistic Pacific countries can work together to create a free and more open trading environment.

Mr O'Neill, who was on an official visit to Fiji earlier this week, said the Pacific must work more closely together and build on its collective strengths, but that the onus was on PNG and Fiji to take the lead.

Just over a year ago much of the Pacific signed the PACER Plus deal on greater economic integration, but both Fiji and PNG have refused to sign - partly over the role of New Zealand and Australia in the agreement.

PACNEWS reports the prime minister also saying he welcomed the business investment being made in Fiji and PNG by both countries.

He also praised Fiji for its leadership over climate change.

Mr O'Neill said Pacific countries had to stand together to combat climate change because if they did not stand up for themselves, no-one else would.