Large cargo ship runs aground on French Polynesia reef

10:04 am on 28 June 2018

A French vessel has been sent to Raroia atoll in French Polynesia to try to dislodge a large cargo ship stuck on a reef.

Thorco Lineage ran agreound on Raroia atoll

Photo: Facebook/ Merchant Marine Updates

The Philippines-registered vessel carrying 20,000 tonnes of zinc and was on a trip from the United States to Australia when it developed engine problems last week.

The 132-metre long ship, Thorco Lineage, was discovered by locals after it hit the reef.

There is no sign of any marine pollution.

The French ship Bougainville and a tug will try to refloat the ship.

According to the French High Commission, the weather conditions are favourable.

It said a specialised tug is also expected from California to assist.