21 Jun 2018

Solomons women police officers off to Darfur for the fiirst time

6:08 pm on 21 June 2018


For the first time Solomon Islands is sending two female police officers to Darfur as United Nations peace keepers.

They, along with a male officer, were commissioned today.

One of the women, Sergeant Andrea Kierre, said the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force was now a capable organisation and could perform duties internationally just like other police forces in the region.

Her colleague Inspector Agnes Ape said the RSIPF had set a standard that women could do what men could do.

She said she was motivated by a desire to gain experience in a much bigger organisation, such as the UN Peacekeeping Mission and bring that back to the RSIPF.

They depart Honiara this Saturday and will be deployed for one year, alongside four other Solomons' officers who went to Darfur late last year.