18 Jun 2018

New safe and secure Tongan scheme for remittances

1:37 pm on 18 June 2018

The Tonga Development Bank has brought in a new scheme which allows Tongans living overseas to easily send money back to Tonga.

Remittances make up a significant and growing part of the economies of some Pacific countries, including Tonga, but sending the money back can be costly and time consuming.

The bank's Silia Tupou said the Ave Pa' Anga Pau or Send Money Home voucher brings a lot of benefits.

"They save money, it is secure, they don't need to go to any agent or withdraw money from a bank and then take it to an agent, they can do it straight from their mobile phones, or from their computers at home or work, so it is very convenient. But at the same it is very secure because TDB is a bank," she said.

Silia Tupou said the scheme is only available in New Zealand only at this stage.

The International Finance Corporation helped with navigating security requirements in New Zealand.