12 Jun 2018

Bounty gun goes for $US22,000

3:02 pm on 12 June 2018

A naval gun believed to have been salvaged from the HMS Bounty off Pitcairn Island has sold at auction for 22-thousand seven-hundred US dollars.

The gun went under the hammer in Scotland on Saturday.

The gun was thought to have come from the now legendary British ship which was burnt off Pitcairn where the Bounty mutineers established a colony.

It ended up on a country estate in Scotland after being being gifted to the captain of a passing ship in the late 1800s, according to documents.

Sybelle Thomson of the auction house Thomson Roddick said the buyer wished to remain anonymous at this stage.

A Pitcairn descendant of one of the mutineers had earlier called for the gun to be brought back to Pitcairn.

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