30 May 2018

New health centre planned for American Samoa

7:42 am on 30 May 2018

A faith-based organisation that has been bringing medical specialists and supplies to the two Samoas for more than two decades is planning to set up a new health centre in American Samoa.

Mission of Hope Ministries is based in South Carolina and has set up 23 centres around the United States.

Bishop Vaofanua Mulitauaopele from Mission of Hope said details for the new centre would be finalised during a visit to the territory next month by the organisation's retired chief executive, Stu Hamilton.

He said it would start as an outpatient clinic with US certified medical personnel.

"He's very familiar with our government, with the laws, and then of course building relationships with many other medical clinics around the US.

"So he is able to recruit staffing and also now we will be able to send people to South Carolina to be trained and to be certified with the 23 clinics there."

Tutuila Beach, American Samoa

Tutuila Beach, American Samoa Photo: Hakeem Khaaliq