3 May 2018

Call for Vanuatu-caught tuna to be processed locally

4:18 pm on 3 May 2018

Vanuatu's Minister of Fisheries Matai Seremaiah has made a call for all Vanuatu-caught tuna to be processed at the country's Sino-Van Fish Processing Plant.

Agriculture Minister, Matai Seremaiah

Matai Seremaiah Photo: Vanuatu Govt

The plant has not processed any fish since it was built 14 years ago because Port Vila has no facility to accommodate fishing boats.

The ministry's acting director general, Benjamin Shing, says Vanuatu does not enjoy the maximum benefit from its lucrative tuna industry as tuna is offloaded to be weighed then shipped abroad.

Mr Shing was speaking on behalf of the minister to mark World Tuna Day yesterday.