30 Apr 2018

ni-Vanuatu urged to buy locally produced food

6:45 pm on 30 April 2018

Vanuatu's Director of Cooperatives Ridley Joseph has urged ni-Vanuatu to start buying locally produced food instead of food imported from overseas.

Packaged local chips in Vanuatu for sale.

Packaged local chips in Vanuatu for sale. Photo: RNZ/Len Garae

He made the call at a food and drink launch by the Aniasuas-Mol Cooperative Society which is made up of farmers on Efate Island.

Mr Joseph challenged mothers to stop buying imported packets of Twisties for their children and instead called on them to introduce packets of local potato, banana, and manioc chips which have more nutritional value.

The Vanuatu Daily Post reported Mr Joseph says ni-Vanuatu people must start appreciating their own products as Solomon Islanders appreciate locally produced Solomon Taiyo tinned tuna.

The Cooperative last week launched more than 20 processed food and drinks products for sale by the Department of Cooperatives through its financial arm - the Vanuatu Cooperative Federation.