Claim trailing French Polynesian parties will form coalition

9:13 pm on 24 April 2018

The leader of French Polynesia's Tapura Huiraatira Party says the two other parties left to contest the second round of the territorial election will form a coalition to push for independence.

The Tapura won most votes in the first round and if it can repeat such a result, it will have an overwhelming majority for the next five-year term.

Edouard Fritch and Gaston Flosse in 2013

Edouard Fritch and Gaston Flosse in 2013 Photo: RNZI Walter Zweifel

However, its leader Edouard Fritch told Tahiti Nui TV that the Tahoeraa and the pro-independence Tavini would join forces to try to defeat his side.

He said the Tahoeraa leader Gaston Flosse had been calling for French Polynesia to become an associated state which in effect means independence.

This, he said, was just the wish of the Tavini leader Oscar Temaru.

Mr Fritch's comment came after the Tavini again urged voters not to choose corrupt politicians.

Both Edouard Fritch and Gaston Flosse received corruption sentences in the past term.

Flosse, who is barred from office until next year, has named Geffry Salmon as his party's top candidate.

After the 2008 election, the Tahoeraa and the Tavini formed a coalition government which after less than two months was toppled in a vote of no confidence.