Campaigning in Tahiti's territorial election ends at midnight

1:59 pm on 21 April 2018

Campaigning in French Polynesia's territorial election will end at midnight to allow for a one-day pause before the polls open.

Six parties are contesting the first round of voting to choose 57 members for a five-year term.

Restrictions on political messages also apply to the candidates' on-line activities and they are advised to block discussions on their sites.

One party has told its activists to deactivate their Facebook accounts until after voting has ended.

A party securing more than 12.5 percent of the votes will go to the run-off round in two weeks

In the last election in 2013, the Tahoeraa Huiraatira won 38 seats because as the party with the largest share of the votes it secured a third of all seats as a bonus.

Going into the election, the largest party is the Tapura Huiraatira.