18 Apr 2018

Tongan leiti group calls for tolerance after Folau comments

8:49 am on 18 April 2018

The president of Tonga Leiti's Association is asking for Pacific sporting role models like Israel Folau to be more socially responsible.

NSW Waratahs fullback Israel Folau

Israel Folau Photo: © Clay Cross / PHOTOSPORT 2018

There's been a public backlash over Folau's comment on social media two weeks ago that said gays were headed for "hell" unless they repented of their sins and turned to God.

The rugby star has since released an article to articulate his religious beliefs and the reason why he posted his initial comment.

But Henry 'Aho said people need to be more mindful with what they say publicly as it impacts on others like leitis who suffer ongoing bullying.

"If your belief is going to lead to people getting discriminated against or your doctrinal interpretations is going to lead to people being suicidal, being cast out of their own families, so it is important to revisit their beliefs to tap into their own humanity. Let's be more tolerant and accepting of each other and boy we will be better off."

Henry Aho says religious leaders are pushing for more enforcement

Henry 'Aho Photo: twitter

Rugby Australia declined to sanction the Wallabies fullback over his views on homosexuality even though some sponsors have since threatened to withdraw their support.

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