16 Apr 2018

Kiribati govt's media control stifling transparency, says MP

10:11 am on 16 April 2018

An opposition MP from Kiribati says government control of media is stifling transparency in the country.

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The member for Kiritimati or Christmas Island is currently in New Zealand for the Pacific Islands Parliamentary Workshop.

Kirata Temamaka said the opposition is concerned at government suppression of international media coverage in Kiribati.

He then referred to the recent ban of New Zealand journalists covering the Butiraoi ferry disaster.

Mr Temamaka said there is a lack of openness and transparency in Kiribati where the government controls local media.

"In order for people to make a better judgement in the election next time, you have to give them two sides of the story to make it balanced so they can elect a better government next time," he said.

"Right now, there is only one side of the story that is being told."

Kirata Temamaka said the parliamentary workshop has given him tips on how to start his own media channels in Kiribati to help share the opposition perspective.

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