12 Apr 2018

Texas based company hiring in American Samoa

3:17 pm on 12 April 2018

About 50 American Samoans will be departing for the United States next week to begin work for a Texas-based company.

Practical Employee Solutions is hiring people to work as chefs, bartenders, waitresses, housekeepers and landscapers in the US.

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So far it's been hiring in American Samoa and the Marshall Islands, and only US nationals and citizens.

But the company's account manager Ashley Sherman said they were hoping to work with American Samoa's Congresswoman Aumua Amata on a programme where non-US nationals and citizens who live in the territory could also be employed.

Ashley Sherman said they've had a lot of interest.

"We have had a lot of young students who dont necessarily have skills maybe right out of high school," Ms Sherman said.

"We do have some who have worked in a hotel.

"But if they are willing to learn, the employer is willing to teach them the skills that they need to do to be good in the job and you know they can bring those skills back to the islands and be able to help the community and the economy here as well."