6 Apr 2018

Hawaii proposes bill to prohibit pesticide use

2:01 pm on 6 April 2018

A proposed bill in the US state of Hawaii will prohibit the use of a neurotoxin called chlorpyrifos and impose a buffer zone to pesticide spraying near schools.

Vegetables being sprayed with herbicide in a garden (file photo)

Photo: 123RF

The president of Hawaii Alliance for Progressive action and former state senator, Gary Hooser, said the bill now goes to the full House of Representatives for a vote and if approved goes on to the State Senate before the governor signs it into law.

Mr Hooser said after trying for five years to better regulate pesticide use, he's optimistic of support.

"This bill, senate bill 3095, is poised to pass its final hurdle. So its gone further than it has gone in any other year and it's a strong measure and really a potentially huge accomplishment if we can take it the whole way in the next couple of weeks."

Gary Hooser said a rally was planned for next week outside the state capitol.

Opponents of the bill said pesticides were safe if they are used according to instructions.