5 Apr 2018

American Samoan chiefs urge use of federal funds after Gita

3:47 pm on 5 April 2018

The chiefs of an American Samoan village are urging people with homes damaged by February's Cyclone Gita to use federal funds to make repairs to their property.

Damage from Cyclone Gita in American Samoa.

Damage from Cyclone Gita in American Samoa. Photo: Twiiter/ Aumua Amata

The village council at Nuuuli has urged residents to use financial assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to improve their homes and not for other purposes.

One of the matai, Soliai Tuipine, said Nuuuli was one of the worst-affected areas in the territory.

He said the council had stressed to people that honesty was the best policy and they should use the FEMA money to rebuild so they are stronger and better.

A March Public Works report showed that 387 homes were destroyed in the territory.

Over 1,300 homes suffered major damage.